When is Ozark Season 3 Releasing on Netflix?


(Updates at the end) Since 31st August 2018, we all are waiting for season 3 of Ozark to release. A season that will be a lot darker than the previous two.

While the first two seasons came in two consecutive years – 2017 and 2018, the third one has clearly been delayed by more than a year. In fact, filming began in 2019, with Jason Bateman being the director and producer for the season!

What to Expect in Ozark Season 3?

After Marty launched the Casino boat at the end of season 2, we’ll now see what happens in that boat. This is where the main plot of the season will be located.

We’ll, in fact, jump to 6 months after they launched the boat. Not to forget, we haven’t solved Cade’s murder case yet. So, this season will show at least some progress here.

Moreover, we also have some new stars joining in:

Madison Thompson: She is going to play the role of Erin, Helen’s teenage daughter.

Some Popular Actors as Series Regulars are Tom Pelphrey from Iron Fist, Jessica Frances Dukes from Jessica Jones, Joseph Sikora, Felix Solis, and Lisa Emery.

When to Expect the Release?

Though the official release date of Ozark 3 isn’t out yet, we are expecting the release to take place anytime between spring to mid-2020s.

The official trailer for the same should be out a month before the official release. As of now, all we have is social media and interviews of the star cast that can update us with any further news.

According to Jason Bateman’s recent tweet – he’s worried about his character, Marty. What could that possibly mean now? Is he simply getting darker, or is he going to fall into some deep trouble?

Keep in touch with us to know more. We’ll update you as soon as the trailer’s out.


Ozark Season 3 got released on Netflix and the season commenced with an exhilarating finale. Most of the fans were dumbstruck with the events. Here is Ozark Season 3 Ending Explained.


  1. I don’t like that there are only 10 episodes per season. That means that two years worth is still less than a normal (television) series of 22 episodes. Because you know what’s going to happen…they’re going to release the show and everyone will have watched all of them in only a matter of a week or two. And we’ll be sitting there wanting…for another almost 2 years.
    I don’t watch “normal” television as I cannot stomach the commercials. I’ve watched the Fargo show (3 Seasons on Hulu) and it’s not a bad “replacement” for Ozark. It too has only 10 episodes and is worth a watch. Each season has a different plot line and different actors. It’s interesting, in the least.
    They should have at least 12 episodes and have a 2 minute long commercial in the middle of each one…and I know…everyone is thinking “no no no, no commercial!” … but in this business if you have a commercial its a lot lOt LOT easier to get a show done. If Ford is paying 2million per episode that pays for the show to be That Much better.
    I hate commercials, but I’d rather them make a little more money so to have the ability to make a couple more episodes and a more quality show.
    My two cents.

    • Hello Jack,

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Binge watching is something that I also do. I too wouldn’t hate small commercials that much if it helps in greater sustainability of the series.


  2. A poorly written article. Bad punctuation and wrong grammar structure in the very first sentence: “we have all been waiting” is the correct structure. You need to try another profession, or get some lessons…

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