Where to Download ROMs and How to Play Them


For many adults, video games were a significant part of childhood. New consoles and games are appearing all the time, but some classics are ageless. Thanks to modern technology, they can be explored on different hardware — laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Here are the basics of installing and using ROMs in 2021.

Retro gaming is in fashion. When we hear iconic names like Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog, they make us smile. By playing these masterpieces, we rekindle fond memories. You, too, can revisit the best games of your childhood and teenage years. Thanks to collections like Romsplanet, you can download roms and play retro video games without the original consoles. All you need is a suitable emulator and files with your favorite games.

What Are ROMs?

ROMs are keys to retro gaming, the bridge between present-day and old-school technologies. These are contemporary versions of cartridges for legendary consoles, from Atari to PlayStation Portable. Basically, the files are copies of the data. Whichever system you miss, there are plenty of games for your entertainment. Play them anytime, anywhere, on any screen. Some of the most popular choices are:

  • Game Boy
  • Nintendo Wii 
  • GameCube
  • PlayStation 2
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • PlayStation Portable

Where to Get Them

Not all ROM libraries are equally reliable. Respected providers double-check all files before sharing them. They guarantee the safety of download. Others have software laced with viruses and malware. Once you download a reliable ROM with your favorite game, you can launch it via the emulator. This software recreates the console environment on your modern device.

How to Download the Software?

Installing the system is a piece of cake. You are just a few steps and clicks away from unlocking your favorite gaming universe. The most important thing is to choose a safe emulator appropriate for your OS. There are systems for all popular systems, including Mac. Like the games themselves, the software is provided free of charge. 

Download the file and install it. The wizard will guide you through all the necessary steps. Once the software is in place, you can launch any ROMs for the console which it recreates. As you can see, there are just two prerequisites for retro gaming:

  • the emulator and
  • the ROMs

As the emulator will recreate your favorite console, every file will work as the equivalent of an old-school cartridge. Here are a few more intricacies:

The game files are usually compressed, so they may have a *.zip or *.rar extension. This means you need an archive program to unpack them properly. For example, consider the good old WinZip or 7-Zip. Both have a free trial period.

If you are planning to download multiple ROMs, make sure your downloads are properly structured. Create a special folder and subfolders if necessary. This way, you can easily find the necessary item. Change the default download location for convenience. 

Sometimes, the emulator will come with a predetermined folder set. In this case, you should only check that the files are downloaded into the right location. Most commonly, you will find the File>Open ROM option. Just pick the game and enjoy the adventure!


The emulator technology is a blessing for nostalgic gamers. Now, you do not need to search for the old consoles to play. The best gaming hits of all time have been turned into files compatible with modern devices. 

All you need is the right simulation software for your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Take advantage of this opportunity to relive the best memories. Invite your friends for an evening of retro gaming, and spread the word about this amazing technology!

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