Will God of War 5 Release Along With the PS5?

Fans Imagination of God of War 5.

Sony had announced the release date of its new PlayStation 5 last year, and we all can’t be less excited about it. It is a prospect that PS5 may surpass the graphic quality of PS4, which renders an extraordinary gaming experience to the users. God of War 4, when released with the PS4, made a special place in the heart of every gamer. It was a huge risk to launch the game with PS4, but it all paid well. The game had a fantastic graphic quality. With a mind toggling storyline, it made itself a super success in the market. 

When Sony announced that PS5 would be launching in December 2020, everybody expected that they would announce the release of God of War 5, too, on the same date. However, they didn’t, and there hasn’t been any official statement made in this regard. With the God of War franchise being so successful, there should be a high probability that the makers will try to release the 5th version with the PS5 launch.  

What the Creators Have to Say About the Release Date of God of War 5?

David Jaffe, the creator of the game, said in a statement that it took five years for the completion of God of War 4. He also mentioned that God of War 5 is still under development and will be completed soon. The story of God of War 5 will continue from where it left off in version 4. A few reports suggest that there is still much work left to be done in the game, and it may take more than a year for its completion. Hence there is no confirmed God of War 5 release date as of now.

It also seems that the God of War will be one of the biggest PS5 exclusive games. If the game gets completed before the launch of PS5, chances of which are pretty slim, then it may get released with PS5. If not, then the users will have to wait for at least one more year.

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