Windows 10 to secure 7GB storage for major update installations

Windows 10 to secure 7GB storage for major update installations

The next substantial release for Windows 10 by Microsoft will evidently reserve about 7GB of the device’s storage. This is something meant to resolve the bug in Windows 10 after an update that fails to check if the PC has the required storage space for launching post big updates.

As warned by Microsoft way ahead of the October 2018 Windows 10 update, the systems that lack enough space for installation of Microsoft’s “High Quality Updates” or the new alternatives of the Operating System shall receive error message explaining presence of insufficient space for storage.

This happens because the Windows platform fails to check if any device houses enough space ahead of initialization. The current solution developed by Microsoft is to manually delete the temporary files that are unnecessary. This includes files such as videos and photos saved to external solutions for storage which calibrates enough space for updates.

This particular problem can create issues for devices that come with minimal storage capacity which includes a 32-GB Flash-Drive PC available today in the market. Microsoft is to introduce the “Reserved Storage” concept that will keep secured 7GB disk space that shall be available purely for smooth installation of updates.

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