Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite to finally receive Android 10?


The Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite which is globally known as Redmi 6 Pro is another of the new models that were launched by the Chinese brand. This new model is a very compact one that comes with a really impressive price tag. This is something that would mean that there are very few reasons why one would want to buy the more expensive models instead of this one. Now with a plethora of devices getting the Android 10 update, users of Xiaomi also wanted Android 10 for Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. Let’s see what Xiaomi has in store for this device.

After confirming that Android 10 software update was indeed in development for the device last year, Xiaomi did a u-turn and released the January 2020 update only with a security patch. This obviously left users fuming over Xiaomi. As if the drama was not over, users started filing an online petition at change.org requesting Xiaomi to release the update.

Will Android 10 update for Mi A2 Lite finally arrive?

Now finally Xiaomi seems to have given in to the petition. A representative of the company gave the following statement as confirmed by Notebookcheck.net :

kindly give our team of developers a few more weeks…

This is a clear indication that Xiaomi will be releasing the Mi A2 Lite Android 10 update soon but the only thing that is uncertain is when. Given the fact that the company had changed its previous stance earlier too, users are likely to remain sceptical.

For those who are unaware, the Mi A2 Lite is one of the best selling phones of Xiaomi. It is equipped with a Full HD 5.84 inches display panel and includes a 5 MP camera selfie camera with optical image stabilization. There is also a dual-camera setup at the rear. Other specs include 3 GB of RAM with 32 GB of storage for the entry-level model.

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