Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Will Karthik Eventually Move on With Vedika?


After so many years, when finally, all misunderstandings between Karthik and Naira are clarified, their union is still far. What is coming in their way when they are legally still married to each other?

Had it not been for their son, Kairav, probably Karthik and Naira would have never met again. However, fate was such that he had already married Vedika before his reunion with Naira.

As Kairav was asked to be on bed rest, both mother and son live with Karthik till the couple realizes their feelings for each other.

Vedika loves Karthik but has nowhere else to go if she gives him a divorce. So, she has now changed her mind of letting him go.

Fate moves to her side as bricks fall over Karthik and Naira in the mosque, and Naira is now extremely critical.

Of course, Vedika had no intention of killing her, but she seems to succeed in delaying her divorce with Karthik.

Naira has a brain clot that has made her condition extremely critical. While preparations were already made to have the couple remarried again, she now lies on deathbed – only to save the love of her life – Karthik.

Being close to getting back together, what will this twist bring for us?

So far, Karthik only wants Naira back in his life. However, what if she goes to a coma or doesn't live?

None of this would have happened if Vedika didn't change her mind. While Karthik is still unaware of the entire truth, what is evident for him is that he didn't have to stop by at the mosque had it not been for Vedika.

Will he blame Vedika for Naira's condition? Are we to wait longer for his union with Naira, or will Naira go away forever?

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