YouTube Music Replaces Google Play Music on New Android Devices

Youtube Music would be replacing Google Play Music in future iterations of Android.

Lately, Google announced that the YouTube Music app would now come pre-installed on new Android smartphones, which runs on Android 10 and Android 9. YouTube Music would be replacing Google Play Music. However, Google promptly mentioned that users would be able to download Google Play Music from the Play Store.

The idea to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music is going to have some drawbacks. The latter doesn’t allow users to stream their music files over the cloud. However, after YouTube Music got upgraded in 2018, it is now going to offer users a rich library of songs and videos. Two variants of this app are available, one is free and the other is the paid version. Those who want to opt for the paid version can listen to the songs offline. Or, they can stream their favorite audio in the background.

Making YouTube Music as a default app of the Android device is very logical. Most of the music streaming takes place through YouTube, Even though, YouTube Music doesn’t go anywhere near to its competitors; in terms of subscriber numbers. However, this step would now help to increase its members.

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