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Women Powered

Scoopbyte takes pride in the fact that over three-fourth of all the Writers, Journalists, and Authors on the platform consist of Women. 


Anubha Gupta 

Anubha Gupta is the Human Resource Manager of the publication. Having a Post Graduate Diploma in Management ( Marketing and Finance), she is the person behind every new recruitment in the company. She also ensures that the entire staff is well taken care of.

Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta is the SEO in charge and server administrator of the publication. Having a degree in Bachelor of Technology (Electronics and Communication), he ensures that the website is up and running even during increased load and high concurrent visits.

Fe Esperanza

Fe Esperanza is the author in chief of the publication. She writes on various topics such as Movies, TV Shows, and upcoming books.

Andrea Nicole Rocafort

Andrea Nicole Rocafort is a cinephile and is responsible for news and updates on upcoming movies and celebrities. She also covers Anime.

Luciana Rubino

Luciana Rubino is a tech freak and covers everything related to Technology and Games for the publication.

Pavneet Kaur

Pavneet Kaur is the most versatile writer of the publication covering a wide range of topics including Games, Anime, TV Shows, and Movies.

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