How to find archived orders on Amazon?

find archived orders on Amazon

Amazon is a huge online market place. Almost every one of us has ordered something from Amazon.

Sometimes, it becomes crucial for us to keep our orders private so that no other person can view them. Amazon provides a great feature of archiving the orders to do this.

Post archiving, whenever you need to view the order, you can easily view them.

In the coming sections, we will discover the ways to find archived orders on Amazon. But, before learning about how to find archived orders on Amazon, let us quickly look at the process of archiving the orders on Amazon.

How to Archive an order on Amazon

  1. Log into your Amazon shopping account.
  2. Go to the “Your Orders” section in the top right corner and find the order you want to archive.
  3. You can also filter the order by year.
  4. Click on “Order Details” and finally “Archive Order”.
  5. A screen will appear after this, click on “Archive Order” again on this screen.

How to find archived order on Amazon?

The process of finding the archived orders on Amazon is pretty simple. Here are the steps to find your archived orders on Amazon:


  • Log into your Amazon account on your PC.


  • Click on the “Accounts and Lists” option on the top right section of the page.
  • Choose the “Your Account” option followed by the “Ordering and Shopping preferences”.
  • Click on the second option on the list, “Archived Orders”.
  • Here are all your archived orders. If you want to unarchive any order, look for the order and click on “Unarchive order”.


  • Go to the “Orders” option followed by “Your Orders”.


  • On your orders page, click on the drop-down named “past six months”.
  • Scroll down to the end and choose the option “Archived Orders”.
  • Here are all your archived orders, to unarchive, click on the “Unarchive order” option.



Using the above methods, you can archive your Amazon orders, find them, and even unarchive them if required.

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