10 Things You Should Know Before Pursuing the Highest-Paying Jobs in Ohio


Ohio, or the “Buckeye State,” is a great midwestern state in the US. Over the centuries, seven US presidents have come from Ohio, giving it another nickname, “The Mother of Presidents.” 

Ohio is home to the third-largest manufacturing sector and second-largest automobile production sector. It also has some well-developed metropolitan cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

Overall, Ohio is a great choice to move and settle. But, before we dive into what you need to know about Ohio as a place to live, let’s take a quick look at some of the highest-paying jobs available here.

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10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Ohio

Now, here’s a list of the highest-paying jobs from various fields you can find in this state.

  • General Surgeons. Average salary per annum: $ 275,000+


  • Gynaecologists/Obstetricians (GYN/OB). Average salary per annum: $ 260,000+


  • Dentists. Average salary per annum: $ 225,000+


  • General Physicians. Average salary per annum: $ 220,000+


  • Psychiatrists. Average salary per annum: $ 195,000+


  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO). Average salary per annum: $ 195,000+


  • Pediatricians. Average salary per annum: $ 165,000+


  • Advertising Managers. Average salary per annum: $ 145,000+


  • Professional Athletes. Average salary per annum: $ 140,000+


  • Marketing Managers. Average salary per annum: $ 140,000+

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Here are ten things you should know before pursuing these jobs in Ohio.

Get Ready to Choose Between Team Cleveland and Team Cincinnati

You will soon realize that to survive and thrive in Ohio, you have to pick between team Cleveland or team Cincinnati. People from each of these areas and communities hate each other. This is how it’s been for a very long time, and it’s not going to change anytime soon. So, whether the baseball or football season is on or not, you will have to pick a side to get by better.

If You Love Candy, You Will Love Buckeyes

The Buckeyes State boasts the crème de la crème candies. Every Ohioan can attest to this. Once you get there, you will realize that the hype for buckeyes is real. No one can stop eating them. They’re easy, small, cheap, and, most important of all, delicious. Buckeyes get their name from Ohio’s state trees. The candies resemble the nuts found in these trees.

Your Vote Will Count More Than Ever

All politicians and everyone else closely associated with presidential elections usually lose their bearings once every four years. This is because of Ohio’s long-standing position as a swing state; people sometimes forget that it’s the seventh most populous state. In short, Ohio has a lot of electoral votes and can change the course of elections.

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Get Ready to Talk Baseball, Basketball, & Football

The state loves its sports. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, or football, there are always loads of people who arrive to cheer their team. Some of the major teams to know and support are the Cleveland Cavaliers (Basketball), Cincinnati Reds (Major-League Baseball), and Cleveland Browns (National Football League).

It’s Called “Pop,” Not “Soda”

It’s not a rumor; you have to call it “pop” instead of “soda” in Ohio. Whether you’re getting Coke, Pepsi, or Sprite, you have to call it pop. This unique quirk acts as a filter between the real Ohioans and the pretenders. It’s similar to the German way of signaling three (with the fingers) as opposed to how it’s “normally” done.

People From Ohio Are Mostly Conservative

Huge portions of Ohio’s population take their religion very seriously. A recent survey suggested that more than forty-three percent of its population identify as religious. Almost sixty percent of its population is Catholic. Some of the other religious practices found here are from the Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Pentecostal faiths.

People in Ohio Drink & Swear Quite a Bit

People in Ohio generally drink quite a lot. It’s in their culture. The state and it’s various (metropolitan) cities have some of the best dive bars, sports bars, pubs, and clubs. Ohio residents also swear a lot. Even though this combination can sometimes get rough, the state has laws that protect its people from getting arrested for using words alone.

Overall Cost of Living is Very Affordable

Ohio is well-known for its good standard of living at affordable costs. Individuals with anywhere between $60,000 to $70,000 per annum can easily cruise through life here. Ohio’s capital Columbus is said to be almost one hundred percent cheaper as compared to Los Angeles. Overall, the state has very affordable options in food, rent, parking, and other entertainment and utility items.

Winters Can Be Very Harsh

Several parts of Ohio can experience cold and rough winter seasons. Ohioans have to simply get used to the conditions and quickly adapt to living life in the snow. The coldest temperatures are between late January and early March. The north half of the state receives about 10 to 15 inches of snow per year as compared to 4 to 8 inches in the south.

It’s Home to the Magnificent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

To a lot of diehard fans, Cleveland is considered to be the birthplace of rock and roll. Alan Freed, a local DJ from Cleveland, is also said to have coined the term “rock and roll” in the 1950s. Thus, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum is located in Cleveland. This point in itself is enough to convince rock and rollers to move here.

To Conclude

Although the above list contains many selling points for Ohio, there still are a lot more to mention. Ohio has a major Amish influence, an amazing amusement park (Cedar Point), chili spaghetti, deer season, buzzing wine scene, and many raccoons. 

The state also has beautiful scenery with breathtaking sights. It might take you a while to get used to this midwestern state, but once you do, you may love it so much that you may never leave.

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