Work for Scoopbyte

At Scoopbyte, our primary aim is to provide original, verifiable, and timely reporting on topics such as TV Shows, Movies, Games, and Technology. If the same principles drive you, no matter where you are located, we welcome you to join us.


1.TV Show Reviewer/ Movie Reviewer

First of all, you are required to be a huge TV Series and Movie buff to be eligible for this job. You need to have endless hours of Netflix Binge Watching under your belt. We are serious! We only want TV/Movie/Cinema addicts for this job. No one else would do. Period.

Your primary job would be to write TV Series review, ending explanations, and easter eggs. The TV Shows would be primarily English (American, British, and Canadian to be precise). You need to have excellent command over English and Native English Speakers would get first preference.

Must-Have: Netflix/ Amazon Prime Video/ HBO/ CBS Subscription

The cherry on Top: Undergraduate/Postgraduate Degree related to Films and Cinematography.

Slots Available: 3

Work Profile: Remote

Job Type: Freelance/ Part Time/ Work From Home


2.Games Reporter

This is all about gaming addicts yet again. You need to Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat.

As a gaming reporter, you need to write about Latest Gaming News. Whether its a new game that is about to be launched for XBOX, PlayStation or PC or an entirely new game for iOS or Android, you need to know about it and that too before everyone else does. You also need to report bugs in games, and whether a fix is available or not. You need to have reasonable command over English as a language.

Must have: Fortnite, CoD, PUBG, Apex Legends - Gameplay Access 

Slots Available: 1

Work Profile: Remote

Job Type: Freelance/ Part Time/ Work From Home


3.Anime/ Manga/ Comics Reporter

We don't want to repeat again and again, but you already have an idea of whom we are seeking. 

As a Comic Reporter, you will need to write about the latest happenings in the comic/anime/manga world. Whether its Naruto, My Hero Academia, Psycho-Pass, Dragon Ball or One Piece, you will have your work cut out. You need to have excellent command over English. Native English Speakers will get first preference.

Must-Have: Access to anime/manga/comics mentioned above

Slots Available: 1

Work Profile: Remote

Job Type: Freelance/ Part Time/ Work From Home


Please send in your detailed resumes along with live URL's of previous work done at evergreenbuildtech{at}gmail.com. Don't forget to add 'Applying for {Job Title From Above}' in the subject line.