7 Top Virtual Reality Games to Try This Summer


Summer has to be the best season for a student. It always feels like it’s that time when you give back to yourself for all the hard work you did, and it is also an opportunity to try out everything you’ve thought about. But there comes a time when you feel like you may have exhausted everything you set out your mind on doing. Ventures you may have considered and hounded about all day long are no longer fulfilling.

Virtual reality may be the best thing that graced the gaming world. It gives you an out-of-this-world experience, and this statement is as literal as can be. You may have wanted that total immersion when playing a game, but you cannot find the best match. Worry no more! This article will guide you on all the top virtual reality games to try using a VPN.

  • Demeo

Have you ever liked something so much that you even felt guilty about it? Call it a guilty pleasure, but these are the sentiments of most players of Demeo. This game is among the top-ranked virtual realities. It is a starter pack of all thrills, fun, and chills. It may be the perfect game to play with your friends on game night, even those at long distances. The game is full of illusion, where the player watches the miniatures come to life and get in a battle with your friends. What makes it even more fascinating is that a dice roll can seal the fate of the players. The sensation of this game is unexplainable. This game may end up being the best you’ve laid your hands on this summer.

  • Onward

A lot of people prefer games with a lot of action simply because they are very engrossing. This game will make you feel like a qualified shooter, giving you the impression that you may be the best in the field. What is most exciting about this game is the combat setup. I mean, who else would have most action if not the military men. With its realistic setting, intricate gun mechanics, and focus on hardcore tactical team-play rather than quick respawn-based game modes, Onward has made a firm name for itself. The game allows for multi-players, where tactical teams have to use effective communication and skilled artistry to achieve the set objective in online combat. With weather effects, and multiple environments and scenarios, no skirmish will feel the same. Here, players will need their wits and combat skills to survive. 

  • A Fisherman’s Tale

 If you think you might be tired of playing virtual reality and want to rejuvenate your enthusiasm, this may be the game for you. Virtual reality games are not all about action and mythical creatures. Think about one with puzzles. It is bound to be an exhilarating game. This is what the fisherman’s tale is all about. The game makes you interact with the environment to solve all the puzzles. The Fisherman’s Tale might be the first to achieve a perfect storm of gameplay, immersion, and narrative in a single experience. Though brief, it fuses experience and interactivity to show what this medium is capable of. 

  • Moss

For any first-timer of virtual reality, I highly recommend you start with this game. Moss is a single-player game full of adventures, action, puzzles, and an exceptional visual. Think of yourself as a guardian of a cute, diminutive mouse, directing it on a quest. This is precisely how the game is. The game has an exciting storyline where the player helps the mouse by fighting enemies and solving puzzles. The narrations, landscape, and puzzles are all a 10/10. Everything about this game is top-notch.

  • Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars movies will have you thinking about them hours after watching because they leave you craving more. These movies have had many people at the edge of their seats after the movie’s end. Imagine how a virtual reality game of the same would be. In simple short words, I’d say hair arising. Star Wars squadrons will make you feel like all your dreams have come true. Squadrons are fun to play on a flat screen but, in VR, it quickly morphs into one of the most exciting and immersive experiences you can have today. Detailed cockpits and authentic Star Wars polish bring out the child in you as you zoom around arenas, blowing enemies out of the sky. Squadrons give ultimate and complete worth for your money.

  • Asgard’s Wrath

Myths give the complete out-of-this-world feeling. It’s always about mythical creatures with incredible superpowers doing insanely unimaginable events. Asgard’s wrath is a care package filled with all the fantasy and myths you could imagine. The game is an adventurous ride with so many thoughtful details, quests, and companionship. The game has several personalities to choose from and has the players acting as mortal heroes as they help the mythical gods. Five minutes into this game will have you striving hard to write a review, but feel like you have ineffectual words to explain the feeling.

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  • Half-Life

My most significant envy about virtual reality games is watching people scream their guts out and not understand the reason why they are screaming. At this point, all I want is to play the game, so also to experience all the hype other people show. This is the definite feeling you’ll get when you watch anyone playing half-life. The game will give you literal goose-bumps. Every shootout, puzzle, and the set piece has been meticulously refined with immersion, comfort, and interaction at the core. If you’re not ducking out of the way of zombies, you’re huddled behind car doors returning fire or disarming mines in intense games of operation. Once you finish the first game, there’s a second. Believe it or not, the second is better than the first.

The holidays may end soon, and the best way to make it even memorable would be by trying something new. After reading this article, I hope the next thing you do is add a virtual reality experience to your bucket list. It will be fun.

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