Are we going to see a Bird Box 2 this year ?

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box. Source: BlackGirlNerds

It is no brainer that the first part of Bird Box was genuinely amazing. With million and million of views within a short span of release, the movie is one heck of a post-apocalyptic thriller. For those who are untold about the film, it revolves around the central character Malorie played by ‘Speed’ fame Sandra Bullock. Her role in the movie is to protect her two children from sinister supernatural forces that make you crazy and kill yourself if you look at them. Remember ‘A Quiet Place’? You don’t have to watch instead of making any sound. Now coming back to the point, fans are eagerly anticipating a formal statement from Netflix regarding the sequel of Bird Box. Here are the bits and pieces that indicate a sequel might indeed be on the cards.

The first concrete piece of evidence comes from the writer Josh Malerman. He has officially confirmed that he is working on the script of a sequel titled ‘Malorie.’ According to him, the movie will take the viewers eight years forward from the events of Bird Box. According to Independent, the director also revealed that this time, the focus would be on the monster and Malorie herself.

Secondly, according to The Morning Picker, one of the cast members, Rosa Salazar, has also made a statement that she is looking forward to the release of the sequel. While you may take this with a grain of salt, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

While we may not have a confirmed Bird Box 2 release date in our hands at this moment, we certainly believe that there will be a sequel soon. We will keep you posted and updated.

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