Instagram pictures look different after uploading? No worries!

Instagram picture look different after uploading

Instagram has been a main-stay in the social-media industry ever since its launch in 2010.

It revolutionized how we share our photos and videos with the world, and has been ruling the hearts of the current generations in the post-Facebook era.

When it comes to providing features that lets you meet and interact with new people online, Instagram truly shines.

In the last four years, Instagram has also seen a boom in the popularity of growing influencers and models.

Posting stories and pics of their daily life events have become a norm for the Gen-Z.

Many people put a lot of effort behind the pictures they click and post on Instagram.

But are you aware of the fact that Instagram intentionally changes the way your pictures look? 

Many social media platforms have this tendency to compress and encode images as you upload them due to the limited data storage networks.

Despite being one of the biggest networking platforms in the world, Instagram has a limited pool of data storage. According to a survey, 95 million posts are uploaded every day, which is an insane amount of data to handle, even for Instagram,

But we have got a way out for you.

Whether it’s tweaking the colors or applying different layers of effects, there are several tricks that you could use to prevent your Instagram picture look different after uploading.

We have mentioned some of them below.

Ways to prevent your Instagram pictures look different after uploading

Use Lightroom to prevent your Instagram pictures look different after uploading

Adobe Lightroom has been one of the best photo-editing software since it came out.

Both mobile and desktop versions offer plenty of excellent features to edit your photos.

However, pictures that are rendered from Lightroom specifically are perfectly balanced according to the Instagram selection criteria.

So, the end result is a close-to original post that will prevent your Instagram picture look different after uploading.

Go Monotone 

This may come as a shock to all the professional photographers and designers, but Instagram tends to remove excess color from your pictures and videos to make them look more balanced on lower-end smartphones.

If you can, try to bump down the excessive hue and brightness in your photos to avoid any post-Instagram rendering.

Try B&W 

Ever wondered why black and white pictures look so wonderful on Instagram?

This is because B&W images require much less processing time and also, they don’t take a toll on Instagram’s data storage.

Try the above methods to ensure that your Instagram pictures remain as original as they are meant to be.

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