All across the world, people are looking to find ways on earning an additional income. This is especially true for single women and mothers. What are some of the methods that women are using? Today, we’ll be looking at ways a single woman wanting to increase her income can do so. 

There are so many GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites that thousands of ladies use. Users can win and earn money by watching video ads, downloading various apps, and completing odd tasks. Alternative options include using platforms as a trial, entering contests, playing a couple of games and so much more. Bear in mind, these are merely methods of supplementing your income.

You can use mobile apps in helping you to make money, instead of logging into the website itself. To assist with this topic we have the help of Jørgen Aasgen, an expert on unique and easy ways of adding to your income. He’s a great fan of online gambling and takes part in the development and improvement of helt nytt casino.

Online Survey and GPT Sites


YouGov has gift cards with a maximum payout of 100NOK

YouGov is a website that gives rewards for participating and answering surveys, including a Norwegian panel. Joining the platform is quick and simple, and earning the rewards is as easy as pie. YouGov is better by offering users a mobile app from app stores where  YouGov is available when you’re away from a computer. By completing surveys, you can quickly start earning rewards. 

Toluna Influencers

Payouts: Gift cards, PayPal
Threshold: $10
Toluna Influencers has a great site and a Norwegian platform. It’s a survey site but also offers contests to create content for other members to enjoy. This means that there’s an added layer of earning potential on the site.

OpinionWorld/ MeningsTorget

Payouts: Gift cards, PayPal
Threshold: $5
A low payout threshold is one of the best things about OpinionWorld. Because it is a survey site, you’ll earn money by completing the surveys for which you qualify. In Norway, its name is MeningsTorget, but the international name is OpinionWorld.


Payouts: Gift cards, PayPal
Threshold: $5

PrizeRebel is a GPT site famous for its variety of earning opportunities. The site provides a large number of options for people in Norway to make extra money online. It has an extensive range of gift cards you can redeem as rewards, and you can also get payouts via PayPal.


Payouts: Gift cards, PayPal
Threshold: $5 for gift cards $10 for PayPal
ySense is another GPT site that offers surveys but also plenty of other good earning opportunities. Its name used to be ClixSense, but it has since rebranded. One of its better features is that you receive a daily bonus.

Mobrog Norway

Payouts: PayPal, Skrill
Threshold: $6.25
Mobrog’s best attribute is that the site isn’t complicated, and it doesn’t take much effort to earn. Once you register, you’ll qualify to receive survey invitations. It can take a bit of patience to get surveys for which you are eligible.


Payouts: PayPal
Threshold: $1
One remarkable thing about Surveytime is its low payout threshold. This makes it one of the fastest paying survey sites in Norway. You’ll be able to withdraw your earnings every time you complete a survey.


Payouts: Bank transfer, Bitcoin, AirTM, Neteller, Skrill
Threshold: $10
If you rather process your withdrawals into your bank account, the GTP site TimeBucks will allow you to do so. You can take surveys, watch slideshows and videos, use Instagram, follow people on social media, take paid offers and get free cash once an hour.

Online Gambling for Women

Many people, including single women, are making money gambling online. Though online casinos usually target male players, there is an increase in those focusing on women.
Women have found they’re happier gambling at home, and online casinos are taking notice. 

Women tend to be social. They are flocking to online casinos because they can meet and chat with other players without risk. Casinos report that female players usually place small bets. They play for a longer time than men however, who want to win every game they play.

Bingo and Poker are two of the most social online casino games that attract female players.
Many Bingo and Poker lobbies include game rooms with chat moderators. It means women can feel free to communicate without attracting any hostility from other players.

Female gamblers are much less competitive than men. For this reason, they also like to play slot machines more than men do. They enjoy slots because they involve no competition with any other players.


It is entirely possible for single women to increase their income online using the methods detailed above. With a little research you can find other methods too, so have some fun and learn a few things while you’re increasing your income!


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