(Parenting) Easy Baby Shower Food Ideas


Are you throwing a baby shower party for your loved one? If yes, often, one gets to see that most people are left scratching their heads to come up with unique baby shower food menu ideas. Many people wonder what on earth they can serve for snacks, main course, and off-course for desserts. If you fall to this group, there’s nothing to panic. In this blog, you will get some fantastic food ideas for the baby shower party.


Baby Shower for a Boy or a Girl

A baby shower is considered to be a rare moment for the would-be parents. It marks the coming of a baby to their lives. To observe a great moment, a lot of planning, decoration, theme, and food are taken into consideration.


When you are planning for a baby shower event, you can efficiently serve a lot of food to your guests. However, coming up with proper food ideas for baby shower depends totally on the type of baby shower one is hosting. For instance, if one is going to host a sit-down baby shower, one can serve plated meals. However, the trend is slowly taking a turn.


Trending: Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas

Now, one gets to see that would-be parents are opting for baby shower finger food ideas. The reason to go for baby shower finger foods is straightforward. They are not only cheap but can be a great way to start a conversation.


If you are throwing the baby shower during the evening, you can keep it very simple. Some great food options include a charcuterie platter, rollups, veggies and dips, and more options.


Charcuterie Platter

If you are planning to include a charcuterie platter, don’t forget to include a variety of cheeses, meats, fruit, and crackers. Adding some soft and hard cheeses would be merely great.  Talking about meat, chicken, or ham salami or some spicy meats like hot Soppressata can be included.


Rollups and Veggie Cups

In case, one plans to include roll-ups, ham and cheese roll-ups can be the showstopper. For veggie lovers, veggie dip cups can be a great choice. Preparing a veggie dip cup for a baby shower can be pretty quick. Place julienne veggies of your choice in a bowl with various kinds of dips.


Pasta Salad

When looking for a simple baby shower food ideas for a girl or a boy, Italian pasta salad can be the winner. It’s suitable for any party as one gets to add a wide range of filling, starting from meat to shrimps and vegetables. Various kinds of dressing options can be kept so that guests can customize it as per their taste. You can also check out our detailed post on How To Make Hummingbird Food.


When it comes to easy baby shower food ideas, keeping the menus simple can be the best solution. By maintaining the menus simple, one can add tons of dishes that don’t take a lot of time for preparation. The bonus one can prepare simple meals with very fewer ingredients and taste scrumptious.

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