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Punisher Season 3: What led to the cancellation ?

The Punisher has won the hearts of millions of people from the very first episode of the first season. After a mind-blowing season 2, Netflix has now officially announced the cancellation of Punisher season 3. This news has shattered the hearts of many fans. Though the news was expected, considering the struggling relationship between Marvel and Netflix. In an official statement released by the Netflix team, they gave their appreciation to every team member of the series. 

The Actual Reason Behind the Cancellation of the Show 

Netflix has not given any official explanation as to why the third season of Punisher is cancelled. But the reason is relatively simple. The deal between Marvel and Netflix was signed way back in 2013 when Netflix was in sheer need to showcase some high-end shows to gain the attention of the public. 

However, now tables have turned around, and Netflix alone can manage to produce hit shows. So they are taking down most of the Marvel shows. All the famous shows such as Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher have been taken down by them.  

Another reason that is earning ears in the market for cancelling the Marvel shows is that the Marvel shows are expensive to produce, and were not doing that great. There are many reports by third party analytics to show the falling viewership of Marvel shows on Netflix. It is also suggested that only hardcore Marvel fans were showing interest in the shows. 

Will Punisher Season 3 be Back? 

There is no evidence to prove, but some are saying with Disney launching its streaming app, they will bring back the Season 3 of The Punisher. Also, we would like to mention that the previous two seasons of The Punisher will continue streaming on Netflix. So, people who love the show can always enjoy it. 

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