Samsung confirms latest 5G models to enter market soon

Samsung confirms latest 5G models to enter market soon

Samsung has recently confirmed for its 10th Anniversary that it will launch the Galaxy S10 very soon. However, a new news leak reveals that you just might be up for 2 different models by Samsung that could really blow your mind.

With an especially intriguing post by, which is a consistently reliable Site, the domain owners have uncovered part numbers such as “EB-BF900ABA”, “EB-BG977ABU”, and “EB-BF901ABA” making the Galaxy S10 5G Edition a very special one. The list of special devices by Samsung also includes the Galaxy F with screen-folding feature.

The numbers stated above refer to the batteries assigned to 5G Galaxy S10. It reveals a massive battery capacity of 5000 mAh. The other two numbers assigned to Galaxy F come with the batter power of 3100 mAh each. This gives the phone a total battery capacity of 6200 mAh.

Now, when you compare these two models, the Galaxy S10 tends to deliver a special surprise.

As of now, the range of phones under model Galaxy S10 shall come at an extremely expensive price tag and the 5G model along with Galaxy F shall cost way more than the previous versions. However, the latest model comes with significant advantages over the previous versions.

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