The 100 Season 7 : When is it coming out ?

After an unbeaten run of six seasons, the hit TV show ‘The 100’ finished airing in August 2019. Ever since then fans are waiting for season 7.

Earlier the show was supposed to air for just five seasons. But, looking at the growing popularity of the show, The 100 Season 7 will be on the cards.

The science fiction series revolves around atomic action.

Human advancement is on edge due to nuclear abuse.

As a result, the survivors fled the Planet Earth in a space station named Ark.

Season 6 ended with solitary human survivors sent to the surface to repopulate the Earth.

Plot and Assumptions for The 100 Season 7

Season 7 will continue with the same scenario as season 6. Additionally, Rothenberg confirmed there wouldn’t be any time travel in the upcoming season.

The season will begin where the previous one ended.

There is an assumption that Octavia isn’t dead and will be back.

There will be an addition of two more convicts, played by Alaina Huffman and Chad Rock.

For other details, you will have to stay patient and hang on.

Possible Release Date

In August 2019, the creator announced that The 100 season 7 would be the last series.

The season will comprise 16 episodes.

The producers decided to wrap the show with 100 episodes in total for the entire arrangement.

Yet, there is no official release date for the series to air as of now.

Details on the Cast Members

Eliza Taylor playing Clarke Griffin, will return as the lead of the series. Shannon Kook will also be back for her role.

Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, and Lindsey Morgan will be part of the cast as well.

However, Henry Ian Cusick playing Marcus Kane and Paige Turco playing Abby Griffin won’t be seen in season 7 following their deaths in the previous season. 

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  1. Wen is season 7 coming out I think they should keep it going this show is 100% amazing the cast is awesome everything about the 100 is awesome hope their will be a season 7 and so on.

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