What Does Volatility Mean in Pokies and How Does One Determine it?


Ever wondered why some online slots typically pay out more than others? Or are you often curious about why you cannot land huge winnings on specific slots? Well, these questions are about to be answered. In this post, we will tell you all about slot volatility and how you can determine what type of slots suits your gaming style. Without further delay, let’s get to it!

What is Volatility on Online Slots

The amount of risk associated with playing a particular casino game is referred to as volatility. Slots volatility is meant to inform players about how frequently the slot they wish to play will payout and how much they may expect to win.

What are High Volatility Slots?

Slots with a big disparity between the lowest and maximum win amounts are known as super high volatile pokies. The bigger the jackpots guaranteed, the more volatile the game is likely to be. High volatility slots are regarded to be riskier to play because you may go through periods without hitting any significant winning combos. Most high volatility slots nonetheless feature a very high predicted RTP (Return to Player), which means that while you may not get many wins in the short term, they will pay out as expected in the long run – usually all at once in a single spin or bonus game.

High volatility slots are by far the most popular among seasoned online casino fans and thrill-seekers, while lower volatility slots are considered the greatest choice for new and casual slot players.

What are Medium Volatility slots?

The middle ground between high and low volatility slots is medium volatility slots. Medium-volatility slots are ideal for gamers who wish to win high jackpots without risking too much of their bankroll to do it. Going them will allow you to fight for enormous prizes while also maximizing your bankroll, as there will be numerous bankroll-saving victories. While the large wins from free spins bonus games and jackpots aren’t as massive as those found in high volatility slots, they’re certainly plenty.

What are Low Volatility slots?

Low volatility slots are those in which the gap between the lowest and maximum win amounts is not significant. Low volatility slots will provide several little and medium payouts that don’t stray too far from the manufacturer’s promised RTP ratio. This means that no matter how long you play, you’ll almost always land wins.

Minimal variance slot games are low risk due to their frequent victories. This makes them ideal for beginner players who want to learn how to play slots or try out a new game, as well as casual gamers who want to play for as long as possible without having to make another deposit.

How to Determine Slot Volatility

There are a few methods for determining a slot’s volatility:

The first is to choose slots based on volatility lists, which can be found above this page and will go through which slots gamers think to be the greatest for each volatility type.

Another method is to compare the payoff of four similar symbols on a pay line to the payout of five symbols. A low variance slot will have a payout difference of 3 to 5 times the amount, a medium volatility slot will have a payout difference of 5-10 times, and a high variance slot will have a payout difference of 10 to 15 times.

Lastly, and most importantly, the best and most accurate approach to determine the volatility of any online casino game is to play it. The more time you spend with a slot machine, the easier it will be to determine how frequently it pays out and how much each win is worth. The longer you have to wait for wins, and the larger they are, the more volatile the slot.

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