When it comes to sci-fi TV series, one of those brilliant masterpieces is the Colony web series.

The show had three seasons that aired in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In 2018, the USA network broke the bad news that there will be no Colony Season 4.

As of now, no official reasons have come to light regarding the cancellation. However, there are some believable speculations regarding the same.


The viewer count of the show had declined drastically from 2.2 million to 1.3 million.

Moreover, some speculate that the show’s storyline had lost its focus. This is because Carlton Cuse, the show’s co-creator, has diverted his focus towards his Jack Ryan TV series.

Some also suggest the reason behind the cancellation to be the change in production location. The production was moved to Vancouver from Los Angeles.

The above points provide a rough idea about the cancellation of the show.

Nothing has been communicated verbally by the USA network. However, the executive producer of the show, Ryan Condal, said that the reasons are complicated.

What was Colony all about?


Colony depicts the trials and tribulations of the Bowman family during the Alien invasion.

Season one was majorly an intro toward the characters. Will is the head of the Bowman family, consisting of his wife Katie, elder son Bram, and younger son Charlie.

Charlie gets separated from the family during the Alien invasion.

Season two is entirely focused on the ideological differences between Will and his wife, Katie. While Will is forced to work for the invaders, his wife is part of the resistance.

Although the motive of the couple is similar, yet their methodology of achieving it is strikingly different. Charlie is finally reunited with the family.

Season three is set several months ahead of the incidents of season two. The family is hiding in a log cabin for six months. Soon they are attacked and forced to leave.

The Bowmans find a resistance camp. The rest of the season is pretty dramatic based on ensuing battles and the dilemma to be on which side.

Will Colony 4 air anytime in the future?


Well, there are fans that have launched a petition to convince the USA Network. However, the odds of the show starting again are pretty low at the moment.

Colony 4 can only be revived if it is picked up by other streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. This is possible, but the main deterrent in this is the high production cost of the show.

Some suggest that the Colony web series should be given an appropriate ending via a movie. We don’t know what will happen, but as of now, there is no season 4 of Colony.

If you are a die-hard fan of the science fiction TV series, you can rewatch the previous seasons. Moreover, let’s hope that streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime will pick up the show.


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  1. I really liked the TV series the Colony to the point of binge watching the playlists. The series kept me in suspense about what will happen next so I watched and watched and watched I couldn’t stop watching because the TV series is so very good. I hope that season 4 becomes available so that we’re not left guessing about how it all ends between the Alien invasion and the Human Race. Maybe the 4th season could be made into a movie or conclude in another series where the human race finds the Aliens weakness to overthrow the Aliens power back to the humans so that the Aliens can be destroyed.

  2. casey worsham Reply

    All I am saying is for three seasons you build up to the moment you canceled the show. Talk about disappointing. Why not just have a one episode finale that at least has an ending. Why would anyone want to watch a show by these writers if this is how they finish their work?

  3. No no no there has to be a season 4. This is a great series!’ It totally left you on a cliff hanger!!!! Please someone pick it up.

  4. wow no season 4 what a disappointment, i’m starting to see a lot of that with these type of really good shows that netflix don’t pick up

  5. I will say this again I had sold awhile back on another forum. Such a huge waste of talent and storyline. It was a fantastic show. I hope the fans that can will pet ion Amazon to pick it up. The Expanse fans did that with the sci go channel being regards dipping hands into to many cookie jars left a great show floundering… Amazon saved them thanks to the fans. Now let’s see if some of the Colony fans can rally for Netflix or preferably Amazon to pick it up. They have the money and the power to pick up the show and keep it moving forward and I wouldn’t doubt the actors and everyone else that was involved would hop in and join. To hell With COVID it can be done there ways to work around that.

  6. They should make other series , just as it’s starts to get more action and show more alien appearances , come on Netflix make some more ?

  7. It should continue with the last season with more alien presence and finalize with a movie. .. at least!

  8. Need more episodes. Love this show.. Keep going. FAN!!!!!!This is better than a movie at the Theater!!!

  9. To not have season 4 or atleast a movie to give us a conclusion is TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS. I will never watch anything involving these producers, writers and directors. Its just so F*#KEd up getting into a show to not be given an ending.

  10. I’m just finding out here and now that there will be no season 4. HOW!? How can there be no conclusion!! This was such a great series, and I was really looking hoping that when I looked it up that there would be a nearby release date for season 4 especially with the cliff hanger ending that season 3 finished up with. There is SO much more story to be told, so many directions they could take this show. I am so incredibly disappointed. I really hope that Netflix or another streaming company will pick this up!!! And to the directors and producers involved in this show- Don’t leave us with an unfinished product! It definitely would make me not want to get into one of their shoes again just to be left with another unfinished storyline again. This HAD to be bad publicity for them just leaving such a great project unfinished this way!!

  11. If the series does not conclude then it cannot (by definition) be considered a good series by any stretch of the imagination. It failed. it made its money and now it is throwing its audience away like garbage to a can. Pitiful.

  12. I also just learned that the show is canceled. Terrible to say the least that there will be no conclusion UGH. How ever, if all fans rally together and find a way to communicate with (I feel the big 3) Amazon, Disney and Netflix, them just maybe they will do a movie or a final season to conclude this series. Another one came to mind, AMC. They also have a survival series TWD. Maybe they could offer a conclude this great show. If anyone has any ideals on how to contact any of these production corporations please post and maybe we can rally the fans up to conduct an online petition. Let’s go fans…

  13. come onnnnnnn you people leave it like this??? i HATE when producers end a season like that……. no war no nothing????? its like build something AMAMZING and tell everyone look at what im making. and in the end not show it…… thats messed up, i want SEASON 4!!!!!! LETS DO IT PEOPLE HASHTAG #WEWANTSEASON4


  14. I just binged this. No wau can that be left without a seaon 4. The characterization has been good. Back story good, the premise of more story to run and then for the producer to put his energy in to a tv series that is going to be so predictable, just like the books. The DEFINATELY needs picking up by another studio. This is a great series with so much potential. DO IT!

  15. Yet another disgraceful behaviour by a producer. Another book sold with the last few chapters missing. This is not right and perhaps the industry should get their act together to fix this problem. I understand that there might be many reasons why a producer decide not to carry on working on a production, including financial reasons; however if they were decent people the fix would be very easy: just make just another episode to give the story a closure. This is not good. The millions of subscribers to Netflix, Amazon and the likes should react and perhaps start to boycott them. The point is simple: if I went to watch a movie in a cinema and for whatever reason the lights went on 30 min before the end and we were told to leave, surely there would be an outrage with all queuing asking for the money back. A solution would very simple: company like Netflix should only buy a series if only a full production is guaranteed.

  16. I’ve just watched the first three episodes of season one. Now knowing that the ending is lust going to be left hanging and uncomplete I shall watch no more.

    So no return from advertising or revenue to the shows producers from me.

    Thanks for the timely warning folks.

  17. Cant believe there’s going to be no ending. Not happy one little bit. That’s putting it mildly.

  18. Another good TV series axed just as it was getting going. Netflix or someone should pick this up and finish it. So annoying the amount of TV series that get axed there’s no point wasting time on these streaming services. Considering the absolute cr*p that gets turned out this was a well written and well acted storyline that had a lot going for it IMO. As with all these things I think it’s probably an element of marketing and how well these series are promoted.

  19. Another good TV series cancelled , probably about money again .

    Such a pity but why start a show like this and not complete the series .

    American company’s do it all the time with SCI-FI shows , just not reliable .

    Really hope maybe Amazon or Netflix take the opportunity to finnish a great series .

    Or what about a TV film . ???

  20. Its cancelled because the story line is dead. How are a bunch of crack human soldiers going to be any good fighting in space against aliens? Human slaves to work on building shields, maybe but thats it. Resisting the invasion, yes but where the plot has gone there is no where to go. The resistance should have smuggled a nuclear bomb on the alien mother ship and destroyed it and ended the story there instead of where they left it. Cos they left it after all the brilliant twists and ended it pathetically.

  21. Well Jeff Bezos recused the Expanse after Sy fy dumped it. So you never though. Although while I like both the former was on a higher intellectual plain

  22. I will agree with if you are not going to do another season you should at the very least do a final movie to show what happened in the war and what became of the characters. Very bad writer, producer and business to stop the way they did.

  23. Shows like Star Trek Discovery with a huge budget and a woke political agenda getting renewed all the time and its writing is all over the place. Colony takes the best from shows like V, Earth Final Conflict and even First wave (though it might be argued the latter was an 80s rehash of The Invaders) and pays homage to the themes and concepts involved in a respectful way but gets cancelled? There’s absolutely no logic behind how the crap gets aired while shows like this get cencelled. Needs to be brought back, not just a movie but to run for a few more seasons, there’s tonnes of material (inspired by the aforementioned shows) to keep it running for a number of years if someone would just pick it up and persist with it. here’s hoping it happens.

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