Anne with an E Season 4: Is it Cancelled or Renewed?

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In Season 3 of Anne with an E, we saw Anne move towards a new phase in her life. The last episode indeed gave us hope and is making us wait for Anne with an E season 4.

However, unfortunately, we have to break the sad news to you that there is no season 4 coming.

Based on the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables, this Canadian drama was jointly produced by CBC and Netflix. It was first released on CBC on 19th March 2017. On May 12 that year, Netflix aired the series for all other international viewers. Here, we see Anne coming to Green Gables and settling in a new life.

Season 2 came on 23rd September 2018 in CBC, but Netflix premiered it on 6th July 2018, before CBC. Then again, season 3 first aired on CBC on 22nd September 2019 and on 3rd January 2020 on Netflix.

In season 3, Anne was settling in Avonlea. She was all set to discover where she came from, who she was. The last episode indeed has an open-ended climax, with Ka’kwet’s story being totally unfinished.

Normally, anyone would be expecting that next year, we will get to see what happens next in season 4. However, on 25th November itself, a day after CBC finished airing the last episode of season 3, CBC president Catherine Tait announced there is no season 4 coming up.

Anne with an E Season 4 : Permanently Derailed

The reason behind the abrupt ending to the series is that CBC and Netflix are no more ready to work together. Fans in Canada have expressed their disappointment ever since the news broke. Indeed, Anne was a character loved by all viewers of the show.

The show has received really good reviews and ratings from the audience, along with several awards in 2018 and 2019. We still pray that a Release Date of Anne with an E Season 4, comes out soon but that will only happen in case the dispute ends between the producers.


  1. Wee. Wount. Annie. An e. Back. For. Seaion. 4. Its. Us. Paying. It. Ever. Mouth. Not. Netflix. And. That. What. They. Think. Cancel. My. Netflix. Show. Harthand. Was. Cbs. Cancel. To.

  2. Anne With an E was such a well-done show with excellent acting!! Please bring on Season 4! There is so little else worth watching. It has been a total treat!

  3. I would love for season 4 to air . Just binged watched the whole series I can’t get enough!
    You can not just end this show. This show is amazing and great stories . Please bring it back .

  4. This show makes me cry every episode. I love it. Takes me back to my childhood and staves off the depression of getting older. Please please bring back season 4 this show is amazing! Well done great acting and tragical truths!!

  5. So disappointed to hear that there will not be a season 4 of Anne with an E have really enjoyed the first 3 seasons. Please reconsider and make some more.

  6. I love this show so much just watch series 3 and can’t wait to see about the Idian girl & Anne in School & then marry Gilbert. I well be sad it not a series 4 or any more all all.

  7. What absolute pleasure to watch. Please please bring it back I love all the characters I’m very sad its not returning. You cancel all the good ones that people enjoy watching.. I JUST DON’T GET IT

  8. Am really saddened to hear that Season 4 and the rest of this beautiful story will not be told. The cast of the series are very talented and it is regrettable that they cannot continue portraying characters we have grown to love and care for deeply. 🙁

    Please resolve your differences and let us continue to be the brides (and grooms) of the Adventure that is Anne with an E.

  9. I would love ❤️ to see a season 4 because we don’t know what happened to ka’kwet. And if there is a season 4 you should rap it up not leave things to thinking there is going to be another season.

  10. I really hope the CBC and Netflix can come to some sort of agreement. I binge watched the 3 seasons that were on Netflix. I fell in love with the show after the first episode. It’s so heartfelt, with brilliant acting, and an amazing story that has made me cry so many times because it’s just so good. It would be a shame if the show was never continued because there couldn’t be some compromise met among the companies.

  11. Yeah do season 4 and keep going until you complete the whole of the story ,we need to know how the Indian s got on and who all the girls in Anne class end up with and how anne and Gilbert get on in life

  12. In my opinion I think this series got cancelled because they were not brainwashing the sheep (us) enough. The Series started nice and wholesome then on Season 3 they started to push all of the ill uminati brainwashing agenda. I can only imagine how pressured and unhappy the series managament must have been in order to comply with the “ill uminati rules” so the series would continue to be renewed but the powers that be said no at the end. Sheep no more suckers, Netflix is evil, disgusting, pushing division, gay and lesbian agendas, climate change nwo shit on everyshow, just disgusting.

  13. I cannot believe you would not have a season 4. This is a well written and well acted series. There isn’t much on worth watching and I have thoroughly enjoyed this. Please bring it backwards and continue the show.

  14. Please bring Anne With An E back for season 4! It’s been a joy to watch a series worthwhile. We love it. Why don’t the Networks realize people love quality programming?

  15. Final episodes were written poorly. What happened to the young Indian girl. How could Ann possibly use the word “gender” in 1899.

  16. Please continue Anne with an e, I loved all 3 seasons and would love to watch many more seasons. It’s a winner please work it out. This series has so much potential for many more seasons.

  17. I just finished binge watching all 3 seasons of Anne with an E. I never watch tv but my wife started watching this series and I just couldn’t stop watching. This series was well written, acted and captivated someone who never ever watches television programming. This series has left me wanting more. Would love to see another season or 10.

  18. Please make a fourth season! I love this show! And like others have mentioned, Ka’kwet’s storyline hasn’t been fully addressed. I need some more Anne and Gilbert love!!

  19. When I found out that there was not going to be a season 4, my stomach dropped. I was completely saddened by the announcement and it made me value the first couple of seasons so much more. I absolutely love this show and the story behind it, I feel it is such an empowering show for so many different kinds of people and makes you view the world in a different way. I certainly hope that there will be a change of heart between CBC and Netflix and the season 4 that we all hope for will eventually come.

  20. We love and with an E, please reconsider season four and continue the seasons. It’s a great family show that we enjoy brings back beautiful memories And so much fun innocent adventures. Please bring it back and settle your differences with the public request it

  21. Too bad they cancelled it, for the first time in years I found a show that reminded me of the Little House in the Praire. The show is really good and speaks of values which is very rare nowadays.

  22. This is the thing. There have been other versions and this one has been the most unique. Had it been a previous version, we could seek closure in the books or earlier adaptations since they all pretty much end the same. The writer took an different approach to the storyline that many of us viewers have cherished for decades prior. I was one who enjoyed the original sweet and endearing story of Anne so much that this version was hard for me to watch at first, however, it didn’t take long before I was hooked & realized that there is so much about this story that NEEDED to be told. It’s not finished & deserves it’s conclusion in a movie at the very least. Cannot Netflix make that happen?? Let’s not let the creativity, hard work, devotion & commitment from the cast and entire team end like this. Let’s give Anne With An E it’s due justice! Signed a hopeful fan!! ❤️

  23. It is quite interesting that producers of the show have failed to compromise on a series who’s characters are constantly relentlessly working through prejudice and disagreement.
    Please unite to bring a minimum of season 4. Thank You.

  24. Oh how sad to read there will be no season 4 my son and myself have binge watched all 3 seasons and totally loved every episode. I so hope they reconsider and make further episodes i coukd watch her story till she’s 100

  25. no season 4???? WTF! a very dirty thing to do to all the devoted followers of Anne with an E!! So many story lines left unfinished and you left the poor little Indian girl locked up down in the cellar!!! I suggest you get busy and tie up this mess with season 4 ASAP! p.s. Can U tell I am very, very mad?

  26. We just finished season 3 and loved Anne with an E. Please, please continue the story with season 4. You finally have a program that the viewers love, and you won’t produce it. Go figure.

  27. Because of the virus and myself being over 60, there is not much to do. I decided to watch Anne with an E. I just finished it today. It has helped to starve off depression because I home alone. Please stop fighting and get the 4th season going! From Texas!

  28. My wife and I love the show and want to to continue – the quality is excellent and the story is great – and needed. It fills a slot that is rare these days. If they can’t work out their differences they should get it to a company that will continue it – HBO or Apple or somebody!!!!!!

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