Google Turned 21 : Facts Which You Might Not Know

Google turned 21 recently.

On 27th September, the most favored search-engine turned 21 years. However, some interesting facts about this search engine, which users might not know are mentioned below:



  • Two college students, Sergey Bin and Larry Page started Google. They wanted to develop a site that would rank pages depending on the number of pages that would link to the main page.


  • Google came from the term ‘Googol’. The creators wanted to show the vast amount of data that is being searched.


  • To celebrate the 1998 Burning Man Festival, the first Google Doodle was created.


  • Most of the memorable doodles celebrated the water discovery on the Moon and the birthday of John Lennon’s.


  • Google’s first server was stored within a custom case made of Lego.


  • Google’s headquarter is known as the Googleplex and is based in Silicon Valley.


  • Within Googleplex, a giant dinosaur statue of T-Rex is present.


  • In July 2001, Google Image Search was started. The motivation was the green Versace dress which was worn by Jennifer Lopez for the Grammy Awards.


  • In 2004, on April fool’s Day, G-mail service was announced.


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