How to Print Text Messages from Android Phones for Legal Purposes ?

Android is one of the best mobile operating system in the World today.Powering billions of devices across the globe, this OS is present in your Mobile, TV , Entertainment System and what not.Today we are going to educate our users about “Printing Text Messages from Android Phones for Court” or other legal purposes.

More often than not situations arise when there is a sort of dispute, disagreement or breach of trust or faith.This is applicable to Personal, Professional and Business facets of life.Suppose you had a Business Chat with one of your suppliers or vendors and you agreed on some particular terms and conditions via WhatsApp.Now, if there is a breach of those terms and conditions in the future, you can produce copy of the messages exchanged as proof of breach in the absence of a written agreement.This is admissible in the court because, every detail including the name, number, date, day and time is visible on the message for both the parties.

Similar situations can also arise in Personal and Professional Life too.

How to Print Text Messages from Android for Court ?

There are multiple ways of achieving this.First is the screenshot method.In this method you just have to take multiple screenshots from your Android phone and print the concerned photos.One disadvantage of this method is that you can be framed for forging/photoshopping images.Thus we would suggest the next method, where you would print the messages in the direct text form.

Printing WhatsApp Conversations from Android Devices

You can easily Print WhatsApp Messages from Android phones by:

1.Open WhatsApp on your phone.

2.Go to the Chat Tab.

3.Touch on the settings icon on the extreme top right off the screen.

4.Touch on Settings sub menu.

5.Go to Chats sub menu.

6.Go to Chat History.

7.Touch on Export Chat.

8.Now you can select the contact(s) whose chat you want to print.

9.Select With Media/Without Media according to your preference.

10.Now you can easily send the chat backup to email, Google Drive or Dropbox.Print the concerned chat by logging into a desktop.

Printing WhatsApp Chats from iPhones

1.Open WhatsApp on your Apple device.

2.Go to the Chat box of the concerned contact or group.

3.Tap on the contact name at the top of the screen.

4.There is an option of Export Chat.

5.You can now export the chat with or without media and follow the steps 6-10 from above.

Printing Regular Text Messages from Android/iOS Devices

To print the regular messages from Android and iOS devices, there are concerned apps which allow you to do that.For iPhone we would suggest TouchCopy.For Android phones, Droid Transfer can be used.You can find more info by directly going to the official websites of these apps.

*Disclaimer: We are no legal experts nor are we providing legal advice through this article.This article is solely meant for informative purposes only.



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