(Travel Guide) US West Coast Road Trip : Itinerary, Routes, Destinations


While there is no shortage of breathtaking routes in the United States for a road trip, the ones on the West Coast are something special. If you love traveling down long swathes of incredible roads, the west coast road trip route is one that you must not miss out on. After all, there will be a plethora of destinations and fun activities for you to choose from. If you are still wondering how to make the most of it, check out the details below.


Why Go on a West Coast Road Trip?

A love of the open roads is all that you need for heading out with a West Coast road trip itinerary. Of course, if you are looking for more motivation, check out the following points.


The Incredible Weather

The West Coast is famed for its incredible weather for nearly most of the year. Even though the winters are cold, they won’t be a problem with proper precautions. Summers are rather pleasant, as well. As such, you can head out on your road trip over the West Coast pretty much anytime you feel like.


The Majestic Beaches

The West Coast certainly has plenty of beaches to offer. They offer a great way to relax and recharge before heading out on the road again. Interestingly, each beach on the route will provide a different vibe, which means you aren’t likely to get bored anytime soon. Of course, the views of the Pacific Ocean at the beaches add to the overall splendor that you’ll be experiencing on the trip.


Highway 1

Take out any good planner for the West Coast trip, and you will notice that quite a bit of the journey will be over the famed US Route 101 or California State Route 1. Both of these highways hug the West Coast and take you across among the most famous and popular spots. This includes Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Mouthwatering Food

No trip in the US is complete without sampling the local delicacies. When you are planning the trip, make sure that you give enough time to sampling the local dishes. Several regions have their take on well-known dishes, including burgers, steaks, burritos, and even ice cream.


Places to Visit during the Road Trip


Some of the renowned West Coast road trip destinations include:




If you are starting your trip from Washington, then this is the place where you meet splendid snow-capped mountains. Apart from natural beauty, Washington also offers several sites of historical and cultural importance.




Relax amidst the bits of traditional culture in Seattle before heading to the south.


San Juan Islands


Enjoy a day or two in the stunning forested islands of San Juan. You can camp or stay at the relaxing accommodations available on the island.



This is the best place to check out more mountains and beaches. Moreover, Oregon is also famed for its local cuisine. You might end up overstaying due to the food alone.


Fort Bragg


This stunning fort is located on the Mendocino coast, and it’s known for its Glass Beach. The Glass Beach gets its name from the colorful pieces of sea glass that covers the beach.


Napa Valley


Driving through the roads of Napa Valley will make it difficult for you to push the brakes. However, you should surely take some time off in the Wine Valley and sample a few of the most excellent wines produced in the United States.


Other places that you should check out include San Francisco, Pismo Beach, Los Angeles, Disneyland, Death Valley National Park, and several national parks.


Prepare Yourself with the Best West Coast Road Trip Planner


The West Coast trip is best enjoyed in a car. Before setting out on this fantastic trip, make sure your car is serviced well. After all, your vehicle will be passing through different types of terrain when you choose to get down from the highway to experience the local culture or attractions.


Plan your Trip Driving Map


There is no fixed starting point for any road trip over the West Coast. You can choose to start from the south and make your way towards the north or vice versa. Both options are excellent. Ultimately it is all about your convenience. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are two routes for this kind of trip, the coastal one and the inland one.


The coastal route gives you the most stunning beaches. The inland route comprises of incredible mountainous roads and national parks. Although the paths are separate, both of them are still part of the same journey. It only depends on the direction you choose to start your trip. For example, if you are heading from the north, you first go through the inland route and gradually move south to reach the beaches and vice-versa.

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