Apple considered MediaTek and Samsung for 2019 iPhones 5G modem chips

Apple considered MediaTek and Samsung for 2019 iPhones 5G modem chips

According to the testimony provided by an executive at Apple, the company executed talks with MediaTek and Samsung Electronics along with Intel, its existing vendor for supply of 5G Modem Chips designed for the 2019 iPhones. This information was acquired from the trial between U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Qualcomm on Friday.

Between the year 2011 & 2016, the iPhone manufacturer relied over Qualcomm, which is a San-Diego based manufacturer and supplier of these modem chips. The company helped the iPhones connect properly with the wireless networks. Starting 2016, Apple had split its business amid Qualcomm and Intel. However, in the year 2018, Apple moved strictly to Intel when it came to the manufacture of its latest phones.

Tony Blevins, the Supply Chain Executive for Apple on Friday testified that Apple also considered Samsung and MediaTek, for the supply of these chips to design the next gen wireless network phones that operate on 5G. The latest network is deemed to roll-out very soon while providing speed much faster than 4G networks.

The FTC has sued Qualcomm alleging that this chip supplier actually engaged in an anticompetitive practice for patent licensing in order to preserve dominant position amid premium chip market.

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