Snapchat App Not Working, Faces Downtime Yet Again

A number of users across the US and Europe are reporting Snapchat being broken.

Popular social media messaging and photo-sharing app Snapchat is allegedly facing downtime yet again. It is happening for the 2nd time in a short span that the application is not working for users due to a probable server issue. Multiple users have reported problems of not being able to send or receive snaps.

Although the app was working for some, users in Europe and the US reported the maximum cases of downtime. With billions of users using the platform every day, even a small hiccup like this can create chaos. The downtime was reported and confirmed by several media outlets, including The Independent, Digital Trends, and popular outage detector Downdetector.

We suspect the issue to be related to some backend server problem which should be fixed by the company soon. The company may or may nor announce an app update for the same. We will keep you posted on the same.

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